“Would it help it if I cut off your head?”

Vs Them is a local Bay Area band with one of the most unique sounds I’ve experienced in…well…ever.  I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them live a few times now and I can’t wait for everyone else to wise up and hop on the boat.

As far as I’m concerned, Matt Montgomery is a genius.  “A Sunny Day in Gotham” is their first offering, and quite the ambitious one at that.  Every track is solid, rich in tone and chock-full of tremendously imaginative lyrics.  Pair that with the fact that most of the songs are about a war on zombies and a lover lost to the undead…and I’ve dislocated both my shoulders now from excessive applause.

They are good friends, nice boys and if you are smart, you will buy this album now. 

If you are not smart, may the zombies enjoy the delicacy that is your already half-empty skull. 

are you with them?

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